mold removal is a tedious project best left to our Port Charlotte mold team

Mold removal is a serious project that requires special equipment and training. That’s why it’s essential to leave the job to the experts.

The first step to take in any mold removal project is safety: you’ll need to evacuate your family, pets, and anyone else who may be affected by the fumes. Once everyone is safe and sound, it’s time for decontamination—which means wearing protective gear and keeping other people away from the area until it’s finished.

Once everything has been covered up with plastic sheeting, you can then move on to proper cleaning using specialized tools like air scrubbers or HEPA vacuums before sealing off surfaces with tape and eliminating moisture sources so that spores cannot grow again after you’re done treating an affected space with chemicals explicitly designed for killing mold spores (such as boric acid).

What are the signs of potential mold growth?

Mold can affect the appearance of your home, and it can be challenging to see. You may be able to spot mold growth on items such as walls or other surfaces in your home by looking for black, green, or white spots. Suppose you suspect that a room has mold growth in it. In that situation, you should think about hiring an experienced professional to inspect the situation and determine the best cleaning methods for removing the mold safely.

Mold loves dark areas where there is moisture present. It will often grow behind walls, under floors and carpets, inside ceilings and soffits, and around pipes or ducts within these areas. This means that even if there isn’t visible mold growth on any visible surface of your property – there could still be hidden areas where some issue exists with moisture levels which could lead down the road toward an infestation if left untreated over time!

What’re the different types of mold that are found in port charlotte homes?

Three different types types of mold are commonly found in homes, and their color can identify them:

  • Green mold typically grows on organic materials such as wood or fabric.
  • Black mold is usually found in damp areas with high humidity, like bathrooms or kitchens. It’s most commonly associated with sewage backup, leaky roofs and pipes, flooding from heavy rainstorms, and other natural water damage conditions that lead to the excessive moisture content in the home environment.
  • White mold is usually found on surfaces where there has been exposed to moisture for extended periods but not enough time for it to grow into other colors (e.g., green or black).
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What does the mold removal process entail?

When a home or business owner thinks that they may have mold-related damage, they should immediately call in a professional. A certified mold remediation company, like Port Charolette Mold Removal, will examine the affected area to determine how much damage has occurred and what steps need to be taken next.

Once the damage is assessed, one of our certified mold removal experts will extract and remove any visible moisture from your home or business. Any items damaged during this process are dried as quickly as possible in an industrial dehumidifier with heaters. This may take anywhere from one day to a whole week, depending on how large an area was affected by water damage and how long it’s been sitting without treatment.

After drying out everything that needs attention, our experts will secure any doors or windows, so no additional air gets into your building while we’re cleaning up any excess moisture with HEPA vacuums (which only allow air through them when they’re going at full power). After that process is complete, we’ll treat all surfaces within your building with antimicrobial disinfectants before treating the HVAC system, so there’s no chance for lingering spores to grow back into colonies later on down the line!

port charlotte Mold inspection and testing services

It would help if you had your home inspected for mold by a professional. This can be done by a Certified Mold Inspector or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Port Charlotte Mold Removal has Certified Mold Inspectors that are always happy to take a look at your home.

If it is determined that there is an issue with mold in your home, they will recommend a mold removal company, such as Port Charlotte Mold Removal. Some people consider doing the cleaning themselves, but it is highly recommended that you rely on the help of a professional company. It will ensure that you remain safe and that your home remains mold free.

All black mold needs special care and professional attention to be removed appropriately

Black mold, also known as Stachybotrys mold or toxic black mold, is a different type of mold than other types that cause damage to your home.

Many studies have determined black molds to be more toxic than other types because they produce mycotoxins which are easily absorbed into our bodies through breathing them in or touching them with our skin; these toxins can cause illnesses including chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), allergic reactions like asthma attacks and bronchitis symptoms like coughing up mucus among others depending upon how much exposure one gets into their lungs while inhaling these spores over time.

What To Look For When Hiring A Mold Removal Company in The Port Charlotte, FL Area?

The importance of hiring a licensed, insured, and bonded company for Port Charlotte mold removal cannot be overstated. If you hire an unlicensed contractor for Port Charlotte mold removal, the following may happen:

  • They could damage your property and not pay for it.
  • They may not have the proper insurance coverage to protect you from liability if they cause damage or injury to third parties during their work on your home in Port Charlotte, FL.
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Why you shouldn’t resort to cleaning the mold with bleach yourself?

Bleach is always one of the most common items in a home, but it’s not effective against mold. Using bleach on any mold only worsens your health and property. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Bleach doesn’t kill all types of mold. It can be used to clean some varieties, but if you’re dealing with a severe infestation spread throughout your home or business, bleach will not do the trick because it only kills certain species of fungi—not all molds.
  • Bleach isn’t safe for human consumption or use around pets, children (or even plants). If you’re cleaning with this substance yourself, you risk ingesting harmful chemicals when they come into contact with food products like fruits, vegetables, and other items that may be sitting out; pets may also lick their paws after walking on bleached areas, which puts them at risk as well! Plus, since cleaning up after an extensive mold removal project requires wearing protective gear anyway—you might as well use something safer than bleach!
  • Bleached surfaces will still look dingy after being washed off because the chemical reaction changes how light reflects off its surface—meaning they won’t look good even if they don’t appear contaminated anymore!

Live Stress-Free When Your Hire A Licensed & Insured port ChArlotte Mold Contractor

When you hire a contractor and licensed company such as Port Charolette Mold Removal, you don’t have to worry because your property will be well cared for during any remediation project.

While some companies might cut corners or use inferior materials, those who are licensed and insured have to follow rigorous standards of care to stay compliant with state regulations. In addition, by hiring a reputable company such as Port Charlotte Mold Removal, you also get peace of mind knowing that your home has been inspected by professionals who understand how important it is for them not only to offer results but also to conduct themselves professionally throughout each job (and after).

If you have any questions about Port Charlotte mold removal, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is available 24/7, and we’d love to talk with you about your project needs.