Sewage backup cleanup in Fort Myers refers to the process of cleaning and restoring areas that have been affected by sewage backups, which can be caused by a variety of factors such as blockages, flooding, or faulty plumbing. It is important to hire a professional to handle the cleanup process because sewage backups can pose serious health risks due to the presence of harmful pathogens and bacteria.

Professional sewage cleanup companies have the necessary equipment, expertise, and experience to safely and effectively remove sewage and sanitize the affected areas to prevent further contamination and spread of disease. They also have access to specialized tools and chemicals that are required to properly clean and disinfect sewage backup sites.

If you experience a sewage backup in your home or business in Fort Myers, it is recommended that you call a professional sewage cleanup company to handle the situation. 

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There are several common causes of sewage overflow Flooding. These include:

  • Blockages: Blockages can be caused by items that are flushed down the toilet, such as paper towels or debris that enter the pipes.
  • Clogs in the plumbing: Clogs caused by buildup of grease, hair, or other materials that accumulate over time and restrict the flow of sewage.
  • Heavy rain or flooding: Heavy rain or flooding can cause sewage backup overflow by overwhelming the sewage system. This can cause sewage to back up into homes and businesses through drains and toilets.
  • Malfunctioning pipes: Damaged pipes caused by cracks can allow sewage to leak out of the pipes and into the surrounding area.
  • Improperly installed plumbing systems: Improperly designed plumbing systems that are too narrow, incorrectly sloped, or not installed properly can cause sewage to back up and overflow.
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The length of the sewage cleanup process can vary depending on a variety of factors. These factors can include the extent of the damage, the type of property, the amount of water and sewage involved, and the type of materials affected.

In general, smaller sewage backups in a residential property may take a few hours to clean up and restore, while larger backups or those affecting commercial properties may take several days to a week or more to fully clean up and restore.

Factors that can impact the length of the sewage cleanup process include:

  1. Extent of the damage: The amount of water and sewage involved can impact the length of the cleanup process. Larger backups may require more extensive cleanup and restoration, which can take longer.

  2. Type of property: The type of property affected can also impact the length of the cleanup process. Commercial properties may have more extensive plumbing systems and larger areas to clean up, which can take longer than residential properties.

  3. Type of materials affected: The type of materials affected by the sewage backup can also impact the length of the cleanup process. Materials that are porous, such as carpet and drywall, may require more extensive cleanup and restoration than non-porous materials, which can extend the length of the cleanup process.

  4. Response time: The speed at which the sewage backup is addressed can also impact the length of the cleanup process. The longer water and sewage sit in an area, the more damage can occur, which can lead to a longer cleanup and restoration process.

In general, a residential sewage cleanup process may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, while commercial properties can take a week or more to fully clean up and restore. However, the timeline can vary depending on the factors listed above. It’s important to work with a professional sewage cleanup company to assess the damage and determine an estimated timeline for the cleanup and restoration process.


Each of these pieces of equipment plays a critical role in the sewage cleanup process. Together, these tools and equipment help to restore the property to a safe and healthy condition. Pumps and vacuums are used to remove standing water and sewage, while air scrubbers and dehumidifiers help to purify the air and remove excess moisture. Moisture meters are used to ensure that all affected areas are properly dried and restored, which helps to prevent the growth of mold and other harmful contaminants. 

  1. Pumps

  2. Vacuums

  3. Air Scrubbers

  4. Dehumidifiers

  5. Moisture Meters

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Are you in need of sewage backup cleanup? If so, we are here to help. At CAT 3 Recovery, we offer our expert sewage overflow cleanup services to residential and commercial property owners in Fort Myers, FL, and nearby areas like Cape Coral and Naples. We are fully licensed to perform our services and look forward to serving you in the near future. Call us today at (615) 229-5335 to request an estimate for any sewage cleanup or flooding that you experience.